Welcome to Tica Lily

Welcome to Tica Lily

Hello and welcome to our very first blog! We hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. Today’s blog is just a little background info on how Tica Lily came about – becoming Tica Lily has certainly been a journey and we still have a fair distance to go, but here we are now! So, without further ado, let’s begin…

We were formerly known as All Sewn Up Ltd, the sister company to Needles and Pins (UK) Ltd. If you read our blogs as All Sewn Up Ltd, you’ll already be familiar with us and some of what we do. Our director Carole decided to rebrand as Tica Lily and our unique name isn’t without meaning. ‘Tica’ because it’s a combination of Tim and Carole, ‘Lily’ because it was Carole’s late mother’s favourite flower. We are also the sister company to Cartim Recyclables, recently established by Tim and Carole, dealing specifically with recyclable industrial gowns.

We’d like to assure our customers that Tica Lily will continue offering the same high quality services as before, but also take a more specialist approach with the view to using beautiful linens to create our own range of bespoke products. We will still be offering repairs and upholstery services and selling some of our old products in our new online shop – some of which at reduced prices, so keep your eyes peeled! The rebranding of All Sewn Up has allowed us to expand as Tica Lily and create new job opportunities, meaning our team of ‘seamstress extraordinares’ has an incredibly diverse range of skills and knowledge.

For those of you just joining us and didn’t know us as All Sewn Up Ltd, some of our services include, but are not limited to, making made-to-measure covers for all manner of items, including vehicles of different shapes and sizes, musical instruments, garden furniture, as well as clothing repairs, alterations and curtain making.

You can see our products here.