Tags and Business Cards


Both our tags and business cards are printed on seeded paper, offering an eco-friendly alternative to regular papers. Simply plant them when finished with and instead of throwing them away, watch them grow into something beautiful! Both are made in the UK by a small company – we chose to stick with our ethos of supporting small businesses like ourselves, rather than going straight to a large, well-known brand.


Like our compliment slips, our business cards are printed with the details of both Tica Lily and Cartim Recyclables, cutting down on unnecessary office stationary.


To grow your tags and business cards, submerge in a small amount of water – just enough to cover the tag/card when led flat. Keep in natural light and after a few days to a couple of weeks, you will see your seeds begin to sprout. Transfer to a pot with compost and water regularly. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your seeds will grow, but if looked after correctly they should produce wonderful wild flowers!

Compliment Slips


Our compliment slips are printed on 120gsm uncoated recycled paper and sourced within the UK. Not only does this save on shipping costs, it dramatically reduces the CO2 emissions created when transporting the product. We chose a printer who is Vegan Society Approved, whose paper comes from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards and who use a CO2 neutral press.


We also chose to make our compliment slips multi-functional by printing our sister company, Cartim Recyclables’ details, meaning we reduced the amount of paper used between both companies.


Tissue Paper


Again, we looked within the UK for tissue paper and found one which is 100% recycled (made from post-consumer waste) as well as biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. We chose tissue paper as opposed to other packing materials (like potato starch ‘packing peanuts’) because, not only is it more aesthetic, it is easier for our customers to know how to recycle/have the means to recycle and also takes up less space in recycling boxes.


Everyone knows that cardboard is easy to recycle and degrades relatively quick, so it was a no-brainer that our products should be shipped in cardboard boxes. All three sizes can be recycled or reused, with two sizes made from partially recycled material. The great thing about cardboard boxes is that they can be reused – which is exactly what we do! Whenever we have items delivered, we save the boxes and reuse our own shipping purposes.

Paper Bags

Recently, we’ve been featuring in a pop up store in Taunton and so for these sales, we opted for plain paper bags with delicate handles instead of plastic. Similar to our boxes, choosing a paper bag instead of plastic was an easy decision. Part of the appeal was that they can be reused or very easily recycled, degrading quickly when disposed of.

Fabric Scraps and Offcuts

Recycling and reusing: that is what we’re doing with all of our offcuts and scraps. Thin long strips are saved and used to tie lovely bows for our paper bags and attach tags. Any textile pieces we can’t reuse are recycled. Larger offcuts are used to make tote bags that some of our bigger products and orders are shipped in.

Eco-friendly Bags

We often use these types of bags for repairs and alterations when we have finished working on an item. Ours are biodegradable and can be disposed of responsibly. They look and feel like polythene bags but are more sustainable and perfect for returning much loved items to our clients in.

Sticky Labels

We use our sticky labels to seal our tissue paper wrapped goods and attach labels to your purchase. Both the film and adhesive used by the manufacturer are made from cellulose and help create an entirely biodegradable and compostable product. Our clear ‘plastic’ labels are free from animal products and testing – meaning they do not contain gelatine. Nor do you have to worry about putting a plastic product with the paper on recycling day!


Where possible, we use a zero plastic sticky tape or brown paper tape which doesn’t contain plastic. Purchased from a small local eco-friendly store, we decided to buy local and support a small business.


We have tried to ensure our packaging can be recycled or reused whilst still looking and feeling luxurious. Often, we research products and smaller suppliers instead of looking on other well-known websites for items and opt wherever we can for recycled, plastic free goods.

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