Relax and unwind with our premium meditation cushions

Relax and unwind with our premium meditation cushions

We are bringing luxury and mindfulness together and encouraging people to create a stylish space to unwind in with our brand new premium meditation cushions.

Gold Luxor Jacquard Zafu

We have designed and created a buckwheat meditation cushion suitable for indoor and outdoor use with contemporary designer fabrics that offer durability and style without compromising on comfort.
Velvet Tropical Fuchsia Zafu

With more people considering mindfulness in the new year as part of their resolutions, we hope to inspire more of our customers to adopt the wellbeing practice with our latest product launch.

Velvet Dragonfly Zafu

You can order our new meditation cushions from our online shop for home delivery or you can collect them direct from our factory in Somerton. Get in touch to arrange collection or to find out how we can help you further.

Velvet Black Botanical Zafu