Re-purposing clothing to save millions from landfill

Re-purposing clothing to save millions from landfill

Our team of seamstresses are offering you the chance to have your old clothing and homewares re-purposed in a bid to reduce the amount of fabric going to landfill.


According to the charity WRAP there’s unused clothing worth around £30 billion in UK wardrobes and approximately £140 million goes to landfill annually.



We specialise in making lovely linen homewares and other bespoke handmade products, but as part of our planet-positive ethos we’ve also officially launched a service to help people extend the useful life of their clothes and to give them our expert ideas on how they can repurpose items to help boost their sustainability.


We’re supporting the WRAP Love Your Clothes campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the value of clothes and encourage people to make the most of the clothes they already have.


But we’re not just limited to clothing either, we can help people spruce up any homewares and furniture made of fabric that they wish to refurbish and keep, rather than buying something new.


Repair much-loved things

As well as the environmental benefit of doing this, there are also lots of other plus points including saving the cost of buying new and the potential sentimental value of the pieces in question. We can also help repair much-loved things to keep them going for longer.

During the last 18 months, it has been widely reported that, as a nation, we’ve all either lost weight in the lockdowns or gained it. So, some of us might have an item in our wardrobe that needs loosening or taking in and we can do that too.


Get in touch

Please get in touch here to arrange a time to pop in and see one of our seamstresses, who will be delighted to give you some free and informal advice and to help with you with your requirements.