Practice mindfulness in style

Practice mindfulness in style

You may have seen already that we’ve launched some new meditation cushions but some of these have an eco-twist.

Green Leaf Zafu

We’re extending our eco-friendly business ethos by re-purposing fabric from other projects and transforming what may have ended up in landfill to make something stylish and durable.

Our small team of talented seamstresses are now using fabric from other commercial projects that would otherwise have been sent off as waste to make some of our meditation cushions.

We hope that this step will further reduce our business waste and carbon footprint, something that is on everyone’s mind following COP26 this year.

Orange Geometric Zafu

Our meditation cushions are designed to provide aspiring yogis and meditators with a comfortable and beautiful place to sit, relax and practice mindfulness. A comfortable accessory to help people find peace and quiet in our hectic modern world.

Peacock Zafu

A full range of designs and colours are available from our online shop. Fabric may vary as recycled materials are used.

You can order our new meditation cushions online for delivery, or we’re happy for you to collect your homewares directly from our factory in Somerton. Get in touch to arrange a collection or to find out about how we can work with you on any bespoke projects you may be planning.