Our tips for a seamlessly planned Christmas!

Our tips for a seamlessly planned Christmas!

Are you planning ahead for Christmas? We’ve put together some handy time saving hints and hassle-free tips for getting ready for the festive season.

They include:

Come up with a ‘go-to’ gift for everyone outside of your immediate family. A simple gift that’s been thoughtfully provided makes a meaningful present without taking up lots of shopping time. This year rather than adding to landfill, buy something you know someone wants and that is sustainable, such as products made from linen.

When wrapping gifts, try using something a little more special than disposable paper like a linen napkin or tea towel, that way you’re being more eco-friendly and giving two gifts in one parcel. We supply sustainable linen napkins in ochre, olive, redcurrant, salmon and petrol blue.

Don’t be afraid to cut some corners when it comes to cooking. Think frozen roast potatoes or pre-prepared vegetables and save yourself some time prepping and cooking without losing out on nutritional value.

If you don’t mind spending time on food preparation, you can make sauces and gravies ahead of time and freeze them into ice cubes. That way you can select how many cubes you’ll need depending on the number of guests, which may end up being decided last minute.
It’s always worth ensuring that you have spare tablecloths, napkins , placemats and coasters in case of spills and messes so that you don’t spend lots of time on Christmas day trying to clean up at the table.

Consider opting for compostable plates and cutlery as an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable plastic. Especially if you’re having a large gathering but need a time-friendly alternative to washing up crockery and silverware.
If you decide to go with washable crockery for your tablescape, make sure you stock up on plenty of tea towels ahead of time – that way you can have more people drying the dishes! We stock durable and stylish tea towels (hyperlink to tea towels) that make doing the dishes a more luxurious experience.

Delegate where possible. Involve your children, partner, extended family and friends in the preparations for your gatherings to enjoy some festive teamwork and to give yourself extra time to unwind, enjoy a mulled wine and a mince pie, and put your feet up ahead of the big day.
To stock up on supplies for the big day, check out our online shop. If you need any help or for bespoke orders, please get in touch with our team today!