Hello to Michelle – our new Business Development Manager

Hello to Michelle – our new Business Development Manager

Michelle joined us in March 2021 and is an invaluable member of team Tica Lily.

Prior to her role as our Business Development Manager, she was a seamstress, so knows all the ins and outs of handcrafting products from fabric.

We caught up with Michelle recently to find out more about her and how she likes to spend her free time outside of work.

So, Michelle, how do you spend your working day?

“In my new role, my days are incredibly varied! I’ve recently been spending time assisting with the development of our linen homeware range, but I also help look for new business opportunities in addition to sourcing and procuring new materials.

“And I get to work with some of our wonderful clients on their bespoke projects too, which is really exciting!”

What’s the best bit about your role?

“I love working for a small business, getting involved in lots of different projects and seeing my work have a direct impact on our clients and the business itself.

“I also have a passion for natural and sustainable products and working for a company that shares my values is amazing.”

Part of your job involves making prototypes. Tell us more:

“There was one project, in particular, which was incredibly complex but really made me realise that the impossible is possible!

“It was a bespoke rooftop kitchen cover for a high-end London venue. My very talented colleague pulled off the manufacture and it was an impressive feat to create it.”

What do you do in your free time?

“I love crafting and upcycling furniture, and I also enjoy cooking.”

What has been your favourite upcycling project?

“That would have to be a nest of tables I rescued from the local dump!

“I painted them all white, French-style, and added a bird print wallpaper beneath a glass tabletop. They now have pride of place in my living room.”

And have you been working on any interesting craft projects lately?

“The last thing I made was a patchwork baby blanket for my friend’s baby shower, as a gift for the new arrival.

“My next challenge will be a fascinator featuring pheasant feathers, which I plan to wear to a wedding next month.”

When setting up a tablescape, what is essential?

“Mood lighting is a must; I love to use candles to set the scene and add some ambience.

“I’m also a big music fan, so for me, the record player and some carefully selected vinyl are always a part of my dinner party preparations.”

Which five famous people dead or alive would you ask to a dinner party?

“I would invite Robin Williams; I think his humour and humility would make him a great guest to have at the table.

“Sir Anthony Hopkins would also get an invite, he seems like a true gentleman and I’d love to meet a Welsh national treasure!

“I would invite Russell Brand too. I think his take on the world would make for a lively atmosphere and really interesting conversation over some good food.

“Lastly, I’d invite two of my own personal heroes – Frida Kahlo my favourite artist and David Bowie, a music legend and the original goblin king!”

You can find out more about our team here or if you want to see some of the fantastic sustainable linen products Michelle and co work together to create, please pop over to our online shop.