Standard Linen Apron – Petrol Blue


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Standard Linen Apron – Petrol Blue

Our standard linen aprons are available in a variety of colours and are soft and comfortable to wear. These are ideal for those who love to spend time in the kitchen, a timeless look that will protect your clothing at the same time.

You will find our full range of aprons here in our kitchen collection

Our standard linen apron hooks over the neck and has ties the back of the waist. It’s the perfect partner for your culinary escapades!

  • Loop neck and tie at the waist fastening
  • Unisex
  • Front pockets
  • One size (H: 90cm W: 72cm)
  • Variety of colours
  • 100% Pure Natural Linen
  • Handmade in Somerset

Sizes are approximate, slight variation may occur as each item is sewn individually

Quality Statement

We have deliberately chosen to manufacture our products in the UK to offer a more ethically produced, sustainable product that meets the highest standards in quality.


We provide our skilled UK workers with a good wage and excellent working conditions.

Many larger brands import their products from countries where workers are not paid a fair wage to manufacture their mass produced goods.

Often when you buy cheap, it’s the offshore factory workers who really pay the price.

Honestly Priced 

Although we don’t offer the cheapest linen products available, we promise a superior quality and a guarantee our items are ethically produced.

Feel good when you shop with us, because you’ll help to support our UK economy!

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