Linen Napkins (set of two) – Salmon


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Handmade linen napkins in a selection of colours. Create the perfect table and dining atmosphere to impress your guests.

Can be used both sides

Natural material

Made from 100% linen

Handmade in Somerset

Set of 2

15.5” x 15.5” (40cm x 40cm)

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We have deliberately chosen to manufacture our products in the UK to offer a more ethically produced, sustainable product that meets the highest standards in quality, whilst providing our skilled UK workers with a good wage and excellent working conditions.

Many larger brands import their products from countries where workers are not paid a fair wage to manufacture their mass produced goods. Often when you buy cheap, it’s the offshore factory workers who really pay the price.

As such, although we don’t offer the cheapest linen products available, ours are of superior quality and are ethically produced – by purchasing from us, you will help to support the UK economy!

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